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Slope Extra

Are you passionate about speed, love adventure and want to challenge yourself? Then Slope Extra is the game for you!

Slope Extra is a fun and fast-paced arcade game where players will control a ball rolling on a ramp full of turns, obstacles and challenges.

The player's goal is to control the ball through a series of difficult levels, avoiding obstacles and not letting the ball fall off the ramp.

In Slope Extra, players will have to demonstrate their skills and quick reflexes to pass the levels, collect support items and complete the goals of each stage.

The game offers an exciting gameplay experience with simple but impressive graphics, vibrant music and challenging levels of increasing difficulty.

Slope Extra is often loved for the appeal of controlling the ball rolling on the ramp quickly, along with the feeling of successfully passing each level.

This is a game that gives players an exciting and challenging entertainment experience.

Control Game?

Move your mouse right and left to control the ball to go where you want!